Tech In Spring Patterns: Florals

Tech In Spring Patterns: Florals

Julienne Lin
Apr 4, 2013

Even in sunny SoCal, it’s still been on the colder side at night. But I’ve been eagerly waiting for warmer weather so I can jump onto this year’s trend of florals, especially for summer concert season. Being into fashion, I like to complement my outfits with style-coordinated tech of the season. Here’s a roundup of tech in all floral to welcome spring in bloom...

Top Row
1.  Poppy Mouse Pad  
2.  Floral Desktop Wallpaper
3.  Tumi Laptop Carrier
4. Desktop Stand
5. Floral Ear Buds

Bottom Row
6. Konica Camera
7. Gigglebyte USB Drive
8. Sypro Speaker System
9. Leaf Cable Tie
10. Jonathan Adler Laptop Sleeve

(Images: as linked above)

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