Tech Recommendations to Control Pet Hair?

Tech Recommendations to Control Pet Hair?

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 16, 2011

Here's one to all you pet owners out there. Unplggd reader Brent asks: "I was curious if you could ask everyone about what vacuum cleaners or tech they use to keep their animal fur and dander under control? I recently got a dog and while I love the little guy, keeping all that hair from sticking to my clothes and socks is becoming a real chore. Please help!"

It may be some time until we see self-grooming puppy sweaters or cat hairball magnets, so your best bet is probably sticking with vacuum cleaners. But that doesn't mean you have to stick with traditional. Roomba makes a nice set of automated ones that cater right for your market:

Above, the Roomba 562 available for $370 takes control of the pet room.

On the other hand, if you're comfortable with vacuuming your pets, Dyson makes a fabulous model (the DC31) that we've personally reviewed and loved:

The Dyson DC31 Animal Hand Vacuum is available for $270.

Word of advice. If you're considering using a vacuum to groom your pet, be sure to hold onto that receipt just in case your pet (unsurprisingly) starts to freak out at the thought of having a machine suddenly doing its grooming instead of a normal brush. Although we might enjoy Dyson for its playful industrial design aesthetic, that doesn't guarantee your pets will see it the same.

Got a recommendation for Brent? Let him know below!

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