(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Don't you hate it when you reach for your laptop's power cord or your smartphone's micro USB cable and you discover it has fallen onto the floor or behind a desk? A paperclip and some tape is all you need to prevent this from ever happening again...

So ridiculously simple, yet totally effective: all you need is a single paperclip and some tape (note: clear packing tape works best, depending upon the surface you're applying to).

String your laptop or USB/micro USB/Lightning cable through a paperclip, bending to allow pass-thru if required, then simply tape your new 2 cents cable guide onto the side of your desk, nightstand, countertop, or wherever you usually access a power or connection cord. The paperclip will keep your cord from dropping from reach now. Here's what it looks like in action (video).

Via How to Organize Your Desk Wires - Snapguide.

(Image: Gregory Han)