Edible Tech: Cookies Inspired by Gaming, Apps and Photography

Edible Tech: Cookies Inspired by Gaming, Apps and Photography

Elizabeth Giorgi
Sep 24, 2012

Did you ever love a piece of technology so much you wanted to lick it? No? Okay, that was just me. Anyway, these amazing cookies capture some of my favorite technologies in sweet and sugary ways. Dare I say, they're cute enough to eat?

If you're planning a birthday party for a hardcore gamer, you might have to skip the cake and give Not So Humble Pie's game controller cookies a DIY try. Ms. Humble cut out the cookies freehand and then simply placed her favorite controllers in front of her and tried to copy the look with icing. I'm impressed with her artistry.

Not a huge fan of chocolate chips? Then maybe these Instagrahams are for you. Graham crackers get a hipster chic twist when iced and modeled after instagram. Food blogger Bakerella even teaches you how to make homemade graham crackers in this cookie tutorial. The best part? She instagrammed her instagrahams!

As long as we're talking about apps, how about some social media app cookies? Etsy seller Pea Pod cookies will sell you her delightful Twitter and Pinterest treats. If you've got the itch to bake something, these might be worth cooking up yourself. You could print out the logos of each of the social media sites you wish to represent and then use those as a basic stencil for your icing technique. If that sounds like too much work - then I don't blame you for buying the set. After all, "pinning" too cookies may inspire a serious sugar addiction.

There's a reason every serious photographer wants a Diana. It's not just for the unique picture quality either. The camera design is iconic - a point you can't ignore in cookie form either. Manjar Sweets offers up a variety of camera inspired cookies, from Polaroids to flash bulbs. These treats would certainly make a great gift.

(Photo Credit: As listed above)

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