Techie Tableware: iPlate by Todd Borka

Ever wish you could resize the donut on your plate? Or import the food you're craving? The technology may not exist, but designer Todd Borka has imagined the possibilities with his witty iPlate line.

The four china iPlates include "Import Food", "Edit Food", "Image Size", and "Ctrl Z" — all very familiar to people who use image editing software. Borka, a French illustrator, calls them "winks," noting "Who has never thought of doing 'apple Z' after breaking a glass?"

He's trying to launch the line through a presale on Ulule. A set of four plates is €25 (about $33) and they'll go into distribution only if he sells 250 sets by December 16, 2011.

Check out the line at Ulule.
See more of Todd Borka's work on his website.

Images: Todd Borka

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