Technicolor: Gold

Ah gold. The color of luxury. Luckily, even though gold plating is on the pricey side, plenty of gadget manufacturers have figured out how to give their products some bling bling without charging a lot of cha-ching. Here's a look at some of the best looking gizmos sporting that gilded touch.
  • Sony Vaio X Series: $1,300, available in November. Features a carbon fiber body that weighs 1.6 lbs. and only 0.55-inches thick.
  • iPhone Textured Reptile Skin Case in Gold: $15
  • Lexon Jet Calculator: $30. With a retractable display.
  • ColorWare PC Beats by Dr. Dre Monster headphones in Goldrush: starts at$499
  • 500 Gig External Hard Drive: $195
  • Canon PowerShot SD780IS: $210. 12.1 MP with 3x optical.
  • ColorWare PC PS3 Slim in Goldrush: starts at $475
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch Neoprene Sleeve: $35
  • Sharp AQUOS LC65E77UM: $3,000. 65-Inch 1080p LCD with Gold Bezel.
  • ZipAng Handmade Keyboard Cover in Gold: $277