Technicolor: Orange

Orange is the color of heat, of fire and of passion. There's nothing quite like something orange. From amber to vermilion, there are a number of shades that will impress you with emotion. Burnt orange, gambodge, orange peel, and peach, will fill you with delight. Here are 10 unique gadgets in all of the shades of orange. If neither blue, green, red, nor white does it for you, then maybe orange will.

  1. Speck Macbook 13-inch Aluminum Unibody Laptop See Thru Crystal Case ($41.50 from Amazon)
  2. Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 HD Camcorder ($169 from Amazon)
  3. Belkin F8N042-ORG SleeveTop Notebook Case ($36.23 from Amazon)
  4. M-Edge Touring Kindle DX Sleeve ($29.99 from Amazon)
  5. Matte iPhone Slider skin ($34.95 from WeJetSet)
  6. Blackbird Twin Lens Reflex camera ($130 from Fred Flare)
  7. iPod Nano ($149-179 from Apple)
  8. Lava Lite 14.5" Lava Lamp ($14.99 from Amazon)
  9. Saitek Notebook Optical Mouse ($16 from Forget The Rest)
  10. FrancisFrancis X1 Espresso Machine ($640 from Coffee Italia)