Technogym Kinesis Personal

Technogym Kinesis Personal

Gregory Han
Jun 21, 2007

While looking around online for home gym solutions (we did a Exercising In a Small Space feature a little while ago), I came upon the Technogym Kinesis Personal, which is described as "soft gymnastics designer furnishing".

This is probably the best looking home gym I've seen (available in two styles, "Heritage" ontop and "Vision" below), which isn't a huge surprise considering it was designed in conjunction with architect Antonio Citterio. The system's wall mounted form takes up minimal space, and the built-in mirror of the Vision model is a well thought out feature (a great aid in maintaining form while exercising).

The pulley system allows for low impact workouts with 200 different exercises to choose from, which should be easier to use after the weight removed from your wallet after purchasing one of these setups. We've emailed them about pricing, but aren't holding our breaths about being able to afford one. We'll have to settle for chinups and pushups for now. [via Cool Hunting]

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