Technological Range Hoods: The Best in Air Evacuation

When you have extra money in your budget for a luxury appliance, then you should consider getting a high-end range hood. Once people have bought a range hood, it's rare that they change it before moving. The best range hoods have got LED lights and all sorts of features that put them a step above most common appliances. You also get a distinctive look for this price.

1. Elica Clip Wall Hood: This simple and elegant range hood from Elica was designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. The overall rectangular shape is offset by the smoothness of the rounded corners. It has two 20W halogen lights and manages a 450 m³/h airflow. (via Appliancist)

2. Futuro Futuro's Pearl Range Hood: This hood from Futuro Futuro isn't for people on a budget since it costs almost $3,300. That's probably our complete appliance budget, but that doesn't mean that it's not gorgeous. It has a tempered glass design, that gives the hood curved glass petals. The effect is quite impressive and it features LED lights and all of the technology you'd expect from such a high-end product. (via Appliancist)

3. Futuro Futuro's Ravenna Wall Extractor: This is another distinctive and eco-friendly range hood from Futuro Futuro. It has two LED lights and two fluorescent tubes to illuminate the back of it. As with the Pearl, it's quite expensive at around $2,600. (via Appliancist)

4. The Murano Collection: These beautiful range hoods use Murano glass in their construction. It allows them to double as a stylish lighting fixture in you kitchen, while still extracting all of the odors.

5. Bulthaup's Floating Range Hood: This funky range hood can be mounted so that it floats above your kitchen island. The only requirement is that you need high ceilings in order to make it work.