Teema Large & Regular Mugs by Kaj Franck

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.16.13

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Teema Large & Regular Mugs by Kaj Franck

• $22-$26

Tonight I'm drinking peppermint tea out of a large Teema mug and, aside from Daniel Smith's handmade porcelain ones that cost a good deal more, these are my go to's for my everyday home and my clients. I first saw the whole Teema collection at OK in Los Angeles years ago and it was the mugs that caught my eye. I just wanted them immediately. There's something about mugs that can do that to you. Teema is the name given to the Iittala collection designed in 1962 by Kaj Franck (1911-1989). Still in production, it is lush AND spare (if such a thing is possible) and based on familiar and basic shapes – a circle, a square and a rectangle. The mug comes in two sizes, 10oz and 13oz, and is part of a whole dinner line that also shouldn't be missed.

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