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Name: Naomi (4 months)
Location: Peoria, IL

When my husband first started gutting the second floor of our house, I was thrilled that the attic-y space had such beautiful, sweeping ceilings. Magical for a nursery, I thought. Then I realized there were only a few 90-degree walls available for decorating.

Anything I chose to hang would have to pass the love test for sure. And no bold color for the walls (because it'd compete with the ceiling and create odd lines). I went with a neutral tone and added color through toys, books, and a mix of thrifted nostalgia. One favorite toy purchase was a wooden tea set by Plan Toys--complete with wooden sugar cubes!

We also love the Wallies tree decal. It makes a fun growth chart and offers tons of little mushrooms and critters for peeking from behind baseboards and around corners.

Thanks, Dee Vee! Readers, you can visit Dee Vee at The Proper Noun.

(Images: Dee Vee/The Proper Noun)


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