(Image credit: Fast Company)

It's 480 square feet, can be assembled in just 15 hours and could prevent millions from becoming homeless in the event of another Hurricane Sandy-type storm. We take a look at the Urban Post Disaster Housing Prototype.

(Image credit: Fast Company)

Designed by architect Jim Garrison, the prefabricated modular units were developed for the New York Office of Emergency Management. Garrison points out that their portability means that they can be installed anywhere, so residents in disaster areas don't need to leave their neighborhoods and can retain some aspects of their normal lives.

Garrison says, "The idea of this housing was to make it versatile enough so that you could install it in neighborhoods so that residents aren’t displaced, so they’re not sent to other neighborhoods. Your children can still go to the same schools they were part of. You can still be part of the social and economic circle of your neighborhood."

They're also designed to be efficient, including balconies to block direct sun and cross ventilation, both of which can majorly cut down on energy use. The prototypes are currently housing their first real live guests and, if they pass the test, will hopefully be a safe and comfortable solution to disaster preparedness.

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