10 Fab & Free Printable Gift Wraps

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Is it just me or is gift wrap starting to get insanely pricey? $10 for a roll of tissue-y paper that may not even make it from the car to the tree? I'm going a new route this season: free printable papers for smaller items.

These papers won't work for large gifts, but since most of my gifts are books or small knick knacks, I'm going to save money with freebies.

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Here's ten great wraps you can print and use for free too:

  1. Let it Snow Wrap from Mr. Printables
  2. Star Papers from MeinLilaPark
  3. White, red and green knits from Style Me Pretty
  4. Happy Wholidays paper from Being Geek Chic (for Doctor Who fans!)
  5. Doilies print paper from Daily Suze
  6. Cross stitch patterns from Mini Eco
  7. Nutcracker Wrap from Handmade Charlotte
  8. Banner printables from Sally J Shim
  9. Tuto Noel from Zu Le Blog
  10. Chocolate Bar Wrap from Creature Comforts

(Image credits: Sites listed above; Handmade Charlotte)

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