Sleek and contemporary to warm and woody, spacious to small, urban to suburban - these kitchens run the gamut but have a few things in common - they are all from the Midwest and have all been part of an Apartment Therapy: Chicago housetour in the past year. Check out the kitchens above and then jump below to link on through to see the rest of these homes...the kitchen is just the start of the tour!

Top Row, left to right:
1. Chuck and Holly's High School Home
2. Emily's Crisp and Contemporary Studio
3. Ronnie & Viktoria's Roscoe Remodel
4. The Worden's MC Inspired Modern Build
5. Jacob & Laurie Do It Themselves in West Ridge

Bottom Row, left to right:
6. Paola & John's Converted Switch House
7.The Fahden's Clearly Clean & Simple
8. Beth's Photogenic Home
9. The Foster's Drummond Dream Home
10. Kathleen and Alex's Guest-Ready Condo