Ten Storage Options for Your Expedit

Ten Storage Options for Your Expedit

Carrie McBride
Apr 16, 2010

We often sing the praises of Ikea's Expedit bookcase (which we described as a workhorse) because the cube shelving has such excellent storage potential...but then what? Books and larger toys can fly solo, but you'll likely want to use storage bins for kids' clothes, shoes and toys. Jump below to find ten options to fit your Expedit.

The interior dimension of each Expedit cube is (a smidge over) 13" wide, (a smidge over) 13" high and 15.25" deep. In our experience it's best to use bins or baskets that are not too tight (so they remove easily) or too small (why waste the space?). All of the options below fall within these parameters - feel free to add a link to others.


1 Strapping Cube ($10)

2 Canvas Storage Bin ($36)

3 Drona Box ($5)

4 Household Essentials Dots ($13, note: takes 1-2 months to deliver)

5 JJ Cole Storage Cube ($17)


6 Branas Basket ($10)

7 Large Tribeca Bin ($12)

8 Ropers Cube Basket ($15, note: shipping early June)

9 Large Aluminum-Framed Bin ($30)

10 Small Eco-Fabric Bin ($13)

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