Ten Things I Love: From Laure's Apartment

Inspired by the wonderful Ten Things I Love posts over at The Kitchn, we thought we'd follow suit and begin a regular series created by readers and editors alike, giving everyone an opportunity to share the very things and qualities of our homes that make them special: the things we love. We're starting off with our very own Laure Joliet, who has given us her 10 (+1, she's such an overachiever) favourite things that she "adores" in and around her home...
  1. In general, I love family photos and envision, one day, having an entire wall devoted to lots and lots of them.
  2. This planter from Ikea (a couple years back) with its blue stripes reminds me of a French dishtowel but the square shape makes it feel modern.
  3. The last time they ahd a sale I went to the Bauer Pottery Store in Atwater and bought up three classics: Mixing Bowl, Pitcher and Creamer in some of my favorite colors and all 3 for 50% off.
  4. My mom was a fashion model in the seventies and I love her old magazine covers. This is my old apartment where they had a perfect wall to inhabit.
  5. I love when she turns her back to me aloofly but then lays down on my foot to make sure I don't go anywhere.
  6. What's this one called? Variegated...something. Love this succulent. In the right conditions it can get to be a foot across and the variation in colors is amazing.
  7. I inherited this sideboard from my grandmother. She had it in her living room for as long as I can remember (with records, books and mementos from her travels on top) and I just love that it's sitting in my home now.
  8. This is a combo. I love this Jonathan Adler Vase that was given to me as a gift and I love Stargazers for their drama and their heavenly scent.
  9. I found this lamp on craigslist for $30 and it has become a favorite (as soon as I paired it with a vintage lampshade from one of my grandmother's old lamps). See that lamp with 2 other favorites in an old post.
  10. Apparently I love turquoise and I love pottery. This vintage bowl was a birthday present form my mom last year. It looks amazing with any kind of fruit or vegetables so it's been out on the counter since september.
  11. My Martha Pink Scalloped Milk Glass Cakestand. Oh how I love thee. I use this baby as an entryway tray to catch keys, as a plant stand, fruit stand (onion stand), and sometimes even for cakes and cupcakes.

Have ten things you especially love and want to share with us and the Apartment Therapy community. Email us with your photos and descriptions to Apartment Therapy LA and we'll share the love.