Ten Tiny Houses

As the January Cure progresses and organization and decluttering have taken center stage, I've begun dreaming of teeny, tiny homes! I'd love the challenge of doing an extreme edit of my belongings — but with a husband and three (soon to be four) boys, I won't be living in less than 200 square feet anytime soon. Still, I love small homes and their high level of efficiency — here are some of my favorites!

1. The interior of this little 125 square foot dwelling is just gorgeous, and looks a lot more expansive thanks to the white palette and decorative touches; from ProtoHaus

2. This small space in Asheville, NC is stick-built, and a lot of the work was done by the homeowner himself. He does a great job describing his thought process and the outcomes of his choices on the Tiny House Blog.

3. This little house — the Harbinger — is just the cutest thing ever… and it can even fit a queen size bed! You can even buy the plans to build it yourself from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

4. You may remember this little place from Christopher & Merete's House Tour; I still love the warm industrial feel of their tiny home.

5. This little place from Tiny House UK looks so cozy and comfortable… and it's completely portable!

6. I love all the salvaged wood (with original paints and stains!) on the outside of this tiny house, seen in Dwell.

7. Tammy's family (four people plus a dog!) made this 180 sq. ft. cabin work for them — and it not only works, it's unbelievably cute! Check out all her details and pictures in her Apartment Therapy House Tour.

8. Malissa's tiny retreat from the 2012 Small Cool Contest has stuck with me; I just love all the bare wood and the functionality of her space!

9. The Tall Man's Tiny House has extra high ceilings and doorways, and being rather tall myself, I'd love to live in a small space without feeling like I have to stoop to get around.

10. This little place from Leaf House is light, bright, and extreme cold friendly!

(Images: as credited above)