Ten Years Later: A Good Gift

Ten Years Later: A Good Gift

Regina Yunghans
Nov 3, 2009

Using the toolkit pictured above over the weekend, I remembered it was a gift from my uncle from over ten years ago. Wondering if it was still available, I gave it a quick Google...

...and found it at Amazon. I remember when I received it years ago, it was nice enough. I was in architecture studio and I knew some of the hand tools could come in handy.

Fast forward ten years later and the gift is more valuable than I initially realized. It's made by Rubbermaid and the handles all have a little give that makes them easy to grip and comfortable on the hands. The zipper bag has stowed away easily in small apartments and it's my go-to for simple DIY home repairs.

Given all of the times I've used this gift over the years, I hadn't really thought back on where it came from until it randomly popped into my head whilst using the screwdriver on Saturday. For so many years of a solid household toolkit, I thank you Uncle Bill!

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