(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We've always love the look of wood countertops. Teragren's hard and durable butcher block countertop is made with Moso bamboo, one of the hardest species available, and is bonded with a formaldehyde-free and food-safe adhesive—perfect for tabletops, kitchen counters and islands.

If you're planning to use it specifically for food preparation areas, you can seal the counter with a food-safe mineral oil/beeswax finish. Teragren's traditional bamboo countertop is great for kitchen applications because it is naturally bacteria-resistant and durable — 25% harder than red oak.

There are three options available: the parquet butcher block, the traditional bamboo countertop, and the strand bamboo countertop. The dimensions are as follows:

30" x 96" x 1-1/2"
36" x 72" x 1-1/2"
Custom sizes up to 4' x 8' x 3", by special order

30" x 96" x 1-1⁄2"
36" x 72" x 1-1⁄2"

36" x 72" x 1-1/2"

For more information, visit Teragren's website, and click here for a list of where to buy. The last pricing we knew of for Teragren's bamboo counters started at $22-$28 per square foot uninstalled.