Teresa's Guide to Chapalita

Teresa's Guide to Chapalita

Sarah Coffey
Oct 18, 2010
Name: Teresa Location: Chapalita City: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico My Home: 3 bedroom apartment Chapalita is a traditional neighborhood, were you can find everything to have a good time. I've lived here with my husband since we got married in 2007; he had to find this place by himself because I was living in Mexico City. My requirements were that I could go anywhere without a car. Teresa's Guide to Chapalita You can find restaurants for all tastes, with a comfy atmosphere. On Sundays you can take a walk and look at the street art gallery in la Glorieta de Chapalita, and some streets are opened only for bicycling. You can even find a dogsled! Our neighborhood has an excellent location and at the same time is very peaceful. It's within minutes of several highways and its huge sidewalks are perfect for evening walks with your dog, having a mug with your friends, or sitting under a tree for a good read. 1. Favorite Neighborhood Home Store
    ZARA HOME: Acueducto 2380 Decoration chain store from Spain.

2. Go-to Shop for Gifts
    TRAPOZ Local designer store with some imports.

3. Best Vintage Shop, Thrift Store, or Flea Market
    CHAPALITA TIANGUIS Typical Mexican street market where you can find anything from mangos to clothing.

4. Favorite Bookstore
    EL SOTANO: Guadalupe 1294 Books + music + coffee = a good time.

5. Favorite Coffee Shop, Café, or Restaurant
    PREKA: Av. de las Rosas 685 Interior design store meets coffee shop.

6. Best Place to Pick Up Groceries

7. Best Place to Buy Flowers
    EL VIVERO: Av. Chapalita Another Mexican classic where flowers and pottery mix to create an outstanding environment.

8. Best Neighborhood Park
    PARQUE JUAN DIEGO The most beautiful street in Guadalajara.

9. Best Spot to Take Visitors
    GLORIETA CHAPALITA On Sunday you will find a street art gallery surrounding the beautiful pavilion.

Thanks, Teresa! Photos: Teresa
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