Tern Verge X10

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.22.13

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Tern Verge X10

• $1800
Tern Bicycles

Never too early to get ready for spring. I saw this bike go by me this morning and ran to catch up, because I'd never seen anything like it before and it was hot looking. The woman riding it, pulled over up ahead of me and in two shakes had folded the bike up and was walking into a building. She happily stopped to chat and told me it was her favorite commuting bike ever and a recent upgrade from a Dahon.

Designed in Finland and made in Taipei, Tern launched its first bike in 2011 and is now on a roll with a line of five different models with many variations. This one, The Verge Duo, is more affordable at $1000 and comes with only two gears and a totally stripped down design.

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