Jackie Boucher
May 16, 2011

Well suited to small space living, the terrarium trend come-back is still going strong. We've shared many terrarium ideas throughout Apartment Therapy in the past and here are 14 of our old favorites and one new one.

These mini eco-systems can be beautiful or amusing or both, but no matter how you look at they can be both an attractive and educational way to bring some greenery inside the home.

1. Design*Sponge recently posted a tutorial on sewing your own terrarium.
2. Star Wars Terrariums
3. Twig: Tiny Terrariums with Personality
4. How to Make a Terrarium
5. How To: Plant a Terrarium in a Jar

6. How To: Build a Kid-Friendly Terrarium
7. How To: Baby Food Jar Terrariums
8. A DIY Wall Terrarium
9. Turn A CD Spindle Case Into a Terrarium
10. Lightbulb Terrariums and Planters

11. Chasing Fireflies: A Unique Boutique for Kids
12. James Terrariums for the Modern Home
13. Terrariums by Paula Hayes
14. Modern Terrariums
15. Hanging Glass Terrariums: A Bubble Garden in the Sky

(Images: #1 Design*Sponge. All other images credited in their original posts.)