Quiz: Is That a Pet Toy or a Baby Toy?

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I hadn't had much sleep...in months. Groggy, bordering on delirious, I was straightening up the house and found myself standing in the middle of the living room frozen, staring down at the small, fluffy toy in my hand. What was that? Does that belong to the cat...or the baby? My weary brain couldn't solve this seemingly simple problem so I tossed it aside for another day. Since that time the mental fog of new parenthood has lifted, but occasional confusion between pet and baby toys has remained. Think I'm being ridiculous? Okay, smarty pants, try for yourself.

Give yourself one bone or rattle (your choice) for every correct answer:

Safety note: babies should not play with pet toys which may not meet the same safety requirements. (Good luck keeping the dog away from the baby toys.)

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