(Image credit: Daily Candy)

Thanksgiving is here! Last minute decorations are in order (and quick!). No time to get all the makings of a professional arrangement? No problem, grab your granny's old floral frog (the earth-friendly alternative to floral foam) from the back of the drawer in the dining room, a pair of garden pruners, and get to work.

If you are new to centerpieces, this DIY post from Daily Candy is quite inspiring. With the exception of the roses (which can be found at the checkout counter of most grocery stores) the ingredients are easily found with a little foraging around any well-stocked garden.

(Image credit: Daily Candy )

A few tips: Feel free to substitute apple branches (or any other fruit) for the persimmon stems, and the foliage can come from just about anything in the garden that still has leaves. Ivy and other filler are found in flower shops, but it can just as easily be pinched from a nearby plant. Just remember, when foraging, never take too much. Leave enough for the plant to survive and for everyone else to enjoy. Also, be thoughtful about how you pick (here are some simple guidelines).

Happy Thanksgiving!