Thanksgiving Table Ideas: 10 Simple & Festive Place Cards

Glittered Pumpkin
By Best Friends for Frosting

Hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year? Here are 10 inexpensive and easy place card ideas that will make both your table and your guests feel special. Some won't take more than a couple minutes to construct, while others will take a bit more time. It could be fun to make a festive crafting afternoon out of it and enlisted some help from a friend or the kiddos.

Printable Autumn Leaves
By Intimate Weddings
Fingerprint Place Cards
By Make it Your Own
Rosemary Spring Place Cards
By Spoon Fork Bacon
Sprigs of Wheat
By Camille Styles
Name Place Ribbons
By Make It & Love It
Gilded Leaf Place Cards
By Melissa of Lulu the Baker for Say Yes
Turkey Leaf Place Cards
By (Cool) Progeny

(Image credits: Best Friends For Frosting; Intimate Weddings; Make it Your Own ; Spoon Fork Bacon; Mike Bullock for Camille Styles; Make It & Love It; Recipe Girl; Melissa of Lulu the Baker for Say Yes; (Cool) Progeny; Homework)