Thanksgiving Timeline

Thanksgiving Timeline

Janel Laban
Nov 23, 2007

6:45 pm - Set the table. We had a really nice, relaxing, fun and tasty day yesterday. We snapped some quick photos as we went to build a timeline of our day...

6:30 am - Wake up.

8:10 am - Bundle up and head out.

8:22 am - A (surprisingly full) train ride downtown.

10:07 am - A really big bird flys by.

11:02 am - Walk home from the train. It's really snowing! Hooray.

11:04 am - First snowball of 2007. Double Hooray.

11:45 am - Light a fire.

12:30 pm - Make sweet potatoes and chocolate chip cookies.

2pm - Realize it's no longer snowing, boo.

2:05 pm - Watch a movie, with cooking chores in between.

3:15 pm - Light another fire.

4:10 pm - Run to Sams for forgotten white wine...a must for gravy making!

4:30 pm - Cook, cook, cook!

6:45 pm - Set the table.

7:10 pm - Eat, eat, eat! (While enjoying an excellent playlist set up earlier).

8:30 pm - Add another log to the fire and enjoy the lazy, thankful evening.

How was your day? Did you watch a parade or a movie or forget something and have to run to the store? Let us know...

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