Callout Cards Tell Your Textual Abusers to Back Off!

Callout Cards Tell Your Textual Abusers to Back Off!

Taryn Williford
Mar 10, 2009

It can happen to anyone, anywhere. It can come from someone you know and love, like a boyfriend or your mom, or it can be a stranger, like everyone from It's called textual abuse, and you don't have to take it. Call out your abusers with minimally insulting but graphically gorgeous Callout cards from That's Not Cool. is a public service partnership between the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF), the Ad Council and the Office of Violence Against Women. They want to educate viewers on one of the pressing social issues of the time, abuse of this massive web of communication we've built.

The Callout Cards are meant to be a no-pressure way for you to subtly tell your pseudo boyfriend to stop pressuring you for naked pics or for your girlfriend to stop logging in to your email and Facebook accounts.

You can search the cards by categories like textual harassment, privacy problems, pic pressure, constant messaging and cell phone trouble. And they make it easy with links to download or copy/paste into Myspace and Facebook.

They've got enough of a selection that you're sure to know somebody who 'fits' each one, whether it's really a touchy abuser or just a friend you like to bust chops with.

Some of our favorites are below, but there are too many brilliant ones to not check out the site for yourself:

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