Sometimes the simplest piece of advice is the most effective, that one tip that makes you go "Why didn't I think of that?" Here are a few of the best Hot Tips our editors offered up this year:


1 Hot Tip: Remove Tarnish With Salt, Flour, and Vinegar!
2 Hot Tip: Keep Picnic Foods Safe with Unshelled Peanuts
3 Forget Scrubbing: Iron Out Stains Set in Carpet
4 Hot Tip: Bring Old Rugs Back To Life with Salt
5 Hot Tip: Use an Upholstery Cheat Sheet When Shopping


6 Hot Tip: Simply Smokin' Weed Killer
7 Hot Tip: Eliminate Outdoor Odors with Oats
8 Hot Tip: Use Chalk to Rid Your Clothes of Greasy Stains
9 Hot Tip: How to Keep Your Paint Brushes and Rollers Fresh
10 Hot Tip: Remove Rust with a Potato


11 Cut Out the Middle Man: Ironing Wet Clothes
12 Hot Tip: Shine Stainless Steel with Flour
13 Hot Tip: Silence Squeaky Floor Boards with Talcum Powder
14 Holiday Tip: Make a Stain Removal Kit To Help Guests with Mishaps
15 Helpful Tip: Make a Cleaning Schedule

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Welcome to Re-Nest's end-of-year roundup!
We're making our way through 2010 and rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts. Also on deck during this time: the Re-Nest editors get personal in our "Meet the Team" series, a special group of guest bloggers share their green resolutions, and we go big with Green City Guides, from Montreal to Madison.

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