How to Make Your Fridge Easy Clean

The Virtuous Wife

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? So $10 of prevention should save you forever. This inexpensive solution to spills and grime inside your hardest-to-clean kitchen appliance — the refrigerator — is guaranteed to save you from a lifetime of scrubbing.

Not only is cleaning refrigerator shelves on your hands and knees a pain, but it's a money-waster and unsafe, too. Cleaning your fridge with the door open can waste tons of energy and puts the food safety of your fridge contents at risk.

To avoid it — forever — just take a crisp Hamilton down to the grocery store and grab a roll of super-sticky press and seal plastic wrap, like The Virtous Wife recently did on her blog:

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Press and seal wrap is different from most regular cling wrap because it's super-sticky on one side (Glad makes one variety, but you might be able to find a generic version at your local store). This makes it great for sticking down to refrigerator shleves like you would with a drawer liner in your dresser.

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So the next time you find a spill or leak in your fridge, just clear the shelf and lift off the layer of plastic wrap. Voila! Clean fridge all over again in an instant. Just remember to re-stick another layer of press and seal wrap before you put everything back in its place.

Via: The Virtuous Wife

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