The $11 DIY Guitarist's Pedal Board

The Velvet Chameleon

iPhone cables and wall-mounted TV wires are commonplace concerns, but here's a cord-control beast of a different color: What does a guitarist do to give order to the cables and cords that control their effects pedals? Most of them will save up and splurge on a $100+ pedal board. But the really creative ones will make their own from IKEA for $89 less.

Adarsh Fernando, a singer-songwriter and mechanical engineer, shared his custom IKEA pedal board solution on the blog of his latest project, The Velvet Chameleon.

Using a set of IKEA's GORM wooden shelves ($10.99/2-pack,, Ferdnando sanded, nailed and velcro'ed his way to a functional and modern pedal board for way less than a new one would cost in stores.

He was inspired by a post on a Telecaster Guitar Forum, where another user, Armchair Bronco, first made IKEA's basic wooden shelf into a killer piece of orange audio equipment:

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It just goes to show you: f you're a musician who's set up a studio space at home, you don't have to sacrifice your love for hiding cords or shopping at IKEA. If you want to give this DIY a try for yourself in your own space, check out Armchair Bronco's step-by-step DIY here, or Fernando's tips on The Velvet Chameleon.

(Images: The Velvet Chameleon, Armchair Bronco/

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