The $20 Solution That Covers Any Desk Cord Mess

The $20 Solution That Covers Any Desk Cord Mess

Taryn Williford
Jul 26, 2011

Some cord messes are beyond repair. No $10 clutter killer could ever wrap up the mess at the back of a powerful gear-filled desk. Instead, you'll have to conceal, like with this less-than-$20 hardware store solution.

Too many cords? If your desk is tucked in to a nook, you can copy this seamless solution from This Old House.

Just head to the hardware store and grab an $8 to $20 section of beaded panel, like the stuff used as decorative molding under chair rails:

"Run wiring behind a beadboard panel in the knee-hole at the back of your desk. Velcro the panel to blocking mounted on the rear legs or sides of your desk so that you can pop it off to access the outlet."

The end result is a seamless look with mock "molding" finish, and a tangled wire mess that's completely hidden from view. And with a few Velcro strips, your mine of cords is still totally accessible.


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