The 2F Folding Chair

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When we saw this seat, we had one of those A-ha! moments, as in, "Wow. Why has no one thought of this sooner?". The 2F is a perfectly flat, two-sided folding chair.

"I wanted to keep it very simple, with few mechanical parts, so that when it's flat it looks like a graphic outline more than a chair."

Designed by Hannu Kähönen of Creadesign, the 2F seat is so cleverly designed that it is cut from birch veneer plywood with only the smallest amount of waste and can be stored totally flat.

This means that it is the most efficient folding chair you could possibly have in a small apartment. Kahonen drew his inspiration from the cutting out of paper dolls. It's coming from Martela this Spring. (Via Metropolis)

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