The 3 Flashlights You Need to Keep in Your Home

Nothing sets in panic quite like watching the lights flicker out late at night. Is it just my building? When will the power be back on? Will I have to get ready for work in the dark? We have no idea about those first two questions, but we can answer that last one for you: No. Not if you're prepared with one (or all!) of these three flashlights.

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If you stock up your emergency kit with one of these lights, you'll be ready for a freak power outage. If you stock your kit with all of them, you'll be ready for anything:

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Maglite 3D LED ($31,
It's been the trusted choice for contractors, officers and soldiers everywhere for as long as it's been around. This heavy duty (and now LED!) Maglite flashlight gives you "spot-to-flood" control of its adjustable LED beam, focusing to light up the fuse box and then making sure you get back up the basement stairs in one piece. Plus, Maglites now come with Intelligent Energy Source Management, which "continuously monitors the balance between high brightness and efficient power usage allowing for prolonged battery life."

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GorillaTorch ($29.95,
Combining the useful features from Joby's GorillaPod camera tripod with a flashlight, the GorillaTorch is your best friend in a power outage. It's three magnetic and flexible legs mean that it can be temporarily mounted up anywhere. Wrap it around your your existing (but powerless) light fixture to get a room-filling glow until the power comes back on.

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Freeplay Kito LED Flashlight ($25,
If the batteries wear out on your Maglite and your GorillaTorch (that must have been some storm!), you'll be glad to have this around. This hand-crank flashlight never needs batteries or replacement bulbs. Just crank it up for a while—60 seconds of cranking gives you an hour of power—anf you'll know you can light up the nights while you wait out the outage.

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