The 3 In 1 Tent Sofa

Have you ever wanted a little privacy when having an out of town guest stay with you? Well this 3 in 1 tent sofa transforms, giving the user the ability to put a roof over their head for some incognito shut eye in the fold out bed...

London designer Philippe Malouin has created Tent Sofa for the Italian manufacturer Campeggi.
The sofa is made of soft polyurethane panels, therefore, it can be unfolded to create a real life tent. Watch the transformation happen over here (you'll need to click on Tent Sofa on the left)

We love the idea for the impromptu sleepover guest or for your kids as well. Hopefully we'll see this fun piece in production soon!

(via: SwissMiss)
(Images: Philippe Malouin)

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