How Your Cell Phone & 1 Simple Tip Will Save You 100s of Headaches

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True story: my dry cleaner is a genius. As I stood at his counter recently, emptying my mess of a wallet in search of the tiny ticket that would allow him to find my items, he said three little words to me and a lightbulb went off above my head. "Next time," he said, "take a photo."

So I did. In fact, I've become a photo-taking machine. Unlike Taryn's great ideas about the snapshots your should keep in your phone for reference, what's been working well for me is a short-term strategy: snap a pic and, once I've collected my cleaning etc, delete it. Deleting that photo always feels good, like a checking a task off my to-do list.

Here are a some things I've taken photos of recently:

• My dry cleaning, coat check or valet ticket.

• The label and tracking number of a package as I sent it.

• A friend's manicure so I could buy a bottle of the color for myself.

• The specials board at my favorite sandwich shop so I could call in my order for lunch the next day.

• A corner of my bedroom to have on hand as I shopped for frames (hint: I put a ruler on the wall for reference).

  • The label of a wine I loved at my book club.
  • • A half-finished, highly-competitive Scrabble game when we broke for dinner (just in case, because I was winning).

    I'm really on a roll now, but tell me, what opportunities have I missed?

    (Image credits: Monica Wang)

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