The 40 Week Smitty Baby Pregnancy

In Just 15 Seconds

Meredith and Jason Smith gave birth to their son, Wyler, just over a year ago (ok so Meredith probably did most the work, but we hate to leave out the dads!). During the 40 week pregnancy, they went to great lengths to create this fun stop motion pregnancy video...

We've had a crush on stop motion enthusiasts for awhile now and even more so when it involves a pregnancy. Now we understand that sentence makes us sound a little stalker-y (we're really in the bushes outside your window), but we love the idea of a cumulative grouping of photos, displaying the changes you go through during the 9 month process. Especially if we aren't the ones pregnant! We'd much rather watch a cumulative video instead of having our Facebook or Twitter pages flooded with daily tummy updates! Plus it makes a great memory and keepsake that can be viewed for years to come.

The Smiths originally made the video to help promote their webstore and blog, so make sure to head over and check things out for yourself!

Thanks Meredith and Jason!

(Images: Smitty Baby)

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