The 6 Apps That Saved My Wedding

The 6 Apps That Saved My Wedding

Jason Rodway
Jun 4, 2013

You don't have to tell me that planning for a wedding can be stress-inducing. I just got married! There’s so much going on at the same time that having the right assistance is essential for getting everything coordinated before, during, and after. For my wife and I a few wedding apps made a big difference. Here are the apps which kept our wedding a celebratory affair...


Left: Remote - Right: Appily Wed

We chose to go with a smaller hall, with a guest list capped at 32, so we created a music set up from an Airport Express, a MacBook, Bose Companion 2 speakers. The whole setup was controlled via Apples Remote app. We created playlists ahead of time, trimmed songs down so they wouldn’t drag on, and had complete control of pause, play, and volume. And best of all, this was all done using tech we already own. Free

There are many types of receptions, and with two different cultures coming together for our wedding, we needed an itinerary. Ours was broadcast to attendees with the help of Appily Wed, an app which allows guests to add their own stories or photos to your wedding account for you to enjoy after the big day. Additionally, guests can access maps, wedding details, the reception itinerary, and more information specific to your event. Free App for Guests (Pricing for the service varies) - Also available for Android


Left: Wedding Party - Right: Google Latitude

Everyone who has a phone now has a camera. We wanted to collect a variety of perspectives of our special day, so we utilized Wedding Party, an app that captures/collects all photos connected to your wedding, storing them all in one place in the cloud for attendees to view and contribute. When all is said and done, we're now able to flip through the timeline of events as enjoyed from our attendees' experience, and even add some fun ones from ourselves to share with all. Free - Also available for iOS

Google Latitude via Google Maps
Our photographer wanted us to take photos separately on the grounds before the ceremony, but this posed the chance of an unexpected (and undesirable) encounter between groom and bride before the nuptials. Google Latitude helped groomsmen and bridesmaids keep track of the other party to avoid such an accident. It also helped to locate wandering parents, siblings, and important guests on the fly. Free - Also available for iOS / Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Left: Moleskine Journal - Right: One Note

Moleskine Journal
We actually used the tablet edition of this app, but I believe it's worth mentioning. Rather than buying a guestbook, we downloaded Moleskine Journal, set it up by the entrance with a Pogo Connect stylus, and utilized some preventative measures to keep the sign-up specific for guests sign-in. Guests were able to write a message, draw a doodle, and press the edge of the screen to flip the page for the next user to do the same. In the end we have a PDF for us to keep with the digital photos or print out later if desired.  Free - Also available for iOS

One Note
One Note was our wedding checklist planning app, which helped us coordinate and communicate eliminating the need to text one another questions asking about the "who", "when", "what", and "how". By creating checklists for our luggage, supplies, morning preparations plans, and venue decorations, we were able to check them off from this handy app as we completed them. Also, all those related to our wedding plans and given access could see our evolving plans change via the cloud. One Note was amazing for assuring us that small (but essential) tasks were getting their due attention, and easily double-checked. Free - Also available for iOS / Android

(Images: Jason Rodway; as linked above)

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