9 Month Cure: The Overview

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The view one way...

Time remaining: 103 days

SKGR is due September 18th. Directly afterwards, three of us - not two - will begin living our West Village apartment in all of its 250 square foot glory. We're not afraid. We're inspired. And we're renovating.

During this last 3 months, we plan to blog the whole process. Of course, we've been thinking about it for six months now, but the time has arrived to leap into action.

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The view the other way...

We have two rooms. One is a bedroom which was renovated five years ago, and the other is the dining room/kitchen area which hasn't really been touched...ever. The plan is to totally dismantle this room, replace the floor (which is coming apart), redo the kitchen and the bathroom and then paint. We aren't going to get a bigger footprint, but we will get more usable space.

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The bedroom one way...
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The bedroom the other way...

Our first project has been forming a new floorplan to accomodate baby, etc, create a shopping list with budget and then get started interviewing contractors and others vendors to help us make our jewelbox turn into a luxury suite.

Last week we visited HenryBuilt on Grand Street, the cool, environmentally sound new kitchen store from Seattle. That story next.

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One of HenryBuilt's remarkable wood front, stone topped kitchen units. Check out the continuous pattern from one section of wood across the drawers.

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The colorful insides of their drawers surprise you!

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A thin Durat countertop with stainless sink inset. We like this countertop as an alternative to stone.

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Bamboo close-up. The solid bambood drawer fronts are left to display their core structure.

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