The Unexpected Affordable Apple Wireless Keyboard Alternative

The Unexpected Affordable Apple Wireless Keyboard Alternative

Gregory Han
Feb 8, 2012

Got out of my crummy comfortable work-at-home clothes last night to sneak into the nearby Apple store right before closing to pick up a new Apple wireless keyboard. I love these compact models for their quality and small desk-friendly form factor, but like a lot of Apple products, they're priced at a premium (obviously one I'm willing to pay). That being said, I noticed later there was a decent affordable alternative from an unexpected source: Amazon.

If you've shopped with Amazon long enough, you know they offer what they call AmazonBasics, a lineup of pared down accessories for your tablets, TV, camera, computer, GPS unit, iPod touch, cell phone, and video game unit, plus shop for cables, memory cards, and office supplies.

I've ordered generic HDMI cable from AmazonBasics in the past, and I've got nothing but praise for the prices, eco-friendly reduction in packaging, and overall quality for something you obviously do not need to pay an arm and leg for (hear that, Monster Cables?). I may give the AmazonBasics keyboard a chance the next time I'm looking for a replacement.

Lo and behold, AmazonBasics also offers what appears to be a nearly perfect facsimile of the Apple Wireless Keyboard for half the price! Amazon's Bluetooth model works not only with Bluetooth enabled computers, but also iPads, iPhones, and the iPod Touch, with all the OS X shortcut keys included. Reviewers note it's a tad smaller, but also rave about the quality and portability, so it seems like a worthy consideration if you're open to the idea of diverging from Apple's offerings (also if you don't want a silver keyboard).

There's also a few other knockoff Bluetooth alternatives, like the kind of suspect quality (all plastic) Nikingstore keyboard, which is even cheaper at just $25. If you're on a tight budget, this could be consideration, but honestly it would likely be better to save up for the $40 Amazon model above.

And if you're looking to take a detour away from Apple's wireless form factor at a modestly lower price, the Microsoft Arc is an ergonomic and portable alternative with an equal, but different, stylish presence (our review here).

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