An Almost-Free Cassette Tape Case
iPhone Stand

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Do you have some colorful masking tape laying around and an almost-obsessive problem with hoarding mixtapes from your youth? Then is this the project for you! You can take one of those old clear plastic cassette tape covers and turn it into a desktop, counter top, or tabletop stand for your smartphone...

This isn't the first cassette case iPhone stand we've seen. But the "simplest and most efficient iPhone stand we've seen" gets a new look in this project from the blog of Maru Maru Store in New Zealand.

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The dimensions of the cassette work well to stash an iPhone, but you could use this stand for any phone. Or any piece of tech at all, really, as long as its about the width of a cassette.In addition to being super cheap (free, if you can find a tape case and something to decorate it with), it's easy, too.

You don't need to modify the cassette case at all. Just swing the cover around to form the stand, then decorate the back. The folks at Maru Maru used colorful patterned washi tape (here are 15 sources for washi tape), but you could dress yours up with paint or fabric, too. View more photos of their project here.

(Images: Maru Maru Store)

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