I've been following the adventures of Amelie & Ariele of Brooklyn To West as they drove across the country from Brooklyn to California to build a restaurant out of reclaimed and salvaged materials. They amazed me with their know-how and can-do spirit, but when they started cranking out these stunning tables I almost fell over...

You can read all about their travel and building adventures at Brooklyn to West, but for now we'll just check out the tables.

The 3rd photo above is actually the very first one they built ("Number one of at least twenty-one others"- !!) and they cheerfully describe the painstaking construction. I've especially enjoy reading about their learning process and progress as they make each table, from the joy of a nail gun, what type of sealant is best, the triumph of limiting waste, and the reluctant-but-excited acknowledgement that straight lines are faster to make than diagonal. Keep the tables coming, girls!

Images: Amelie & Ariele of Brooklyn To West