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Working from home can have its own unique set of challenges, from finding room for a designated workspace, to keeping it functional and stylish, to being able to put it away so you can focus on "home time" at the end of the day. Keeping a clean, well organized workspace and a clutter free desk are a great place to begin. Here's a little "anatomy lesson" to help get you started.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

1. A straw dispenser is repurposed to keep pencils close at hand, via the Museum of Useful Things, $18.00

2. Mini files keep receipts from getting lost. Target Stores, $3.00

3. Stacking boxes for "in" and "out" boxes by Peg and Awl, $110.00

4. Magazine files help keep inspiration organized. IKEA, $5.00 for 2

5. File Boxes keep supplies and important documents tucked out of sight. IKEA, $7.00 for 2

6. A wireless Bluetooth speaker like the Bose SoundLink adds music into the mix while keeping cable and cord clutter out of the picture. $349.00

(Images: Office by Kim Lucian, products as linked above)