Animal crackers have been around since 1902. Do they make you nostalgic for your childhood? Grab a dish towel or pillow paying homage to the iconic baked menagerie, or go all out with the Animal Crackers house. Designed by famed architect Stanley Tigerman in 1978, the house alludes to the rectangular box, its string handle, and the form of the circus wagon. Not ready to commit? There's always felt play food. Here are a few things inspired by animal crackers.

  1. ZOOZZZ'S pillows (choose from lion, seal, elephant, camel, buffalo, gorilla, or bear) - $35 each, Fetch! Product Design
  2. Animal Cracker Tea Towels - $30/2, Etsy seller Muffy Brandt
  3. The Animal Crackers House by Stanley Tigerman - $599,000, Coldwell Banker
  4. Animal Cracker Burp Cloth - $30, Mignon Faget
  5. Play Food Felt Animal Crackers - $10, Etsy seller Turk & Bean