The Apple Hater’s Buyer’s Guide

The Apple Hater’s Buyer’s Guide

Jason Yang
Aug 11, 2011

Everyone loves Apple. Everybody hates Apple. Sometimes it's a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. Either way, Apple is a polarizing company - in their image, their approach, and their products. From iPad to iMac, we take a look at Apple's core products and match up suitable counterparts (not all PCs) for those who hate the idea of buying Apple and lining Steve Jobs' pocket with more gold.

As an Apple purist, would you consider any of the contenders? As an Apple hater, what might you use? Let us know your thoughts on our picks for the challengers to the throne!

081111_haters_ipad.jpgThe Champ: Apple iPad

Apple's heavy hitter launched the tablet computing segment into the stratosphere. Talk about a homerun, with its great balance of style, performance, and a user experience that actually made sense for the form factor. But the big dog has competition, and here are some of the contenders:

081111_haters_galaxy.jpgThe Contender: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

081111_haters_thrive.jpgThe Contender: Toshiba Thrive

081111_haters_touchpad.jpgThe Contender: HP TouchPad

Other Contenders: Motorola Xoom, ViewSonic ViewPad 10, HTC Evo View 4G

081111_haters_iphone.jpgThe Champ: iPhone

This phone transformed the smartphone world and created a whole new ecosystem. With some fantastic new smartphones sporting Android and Windows 7 Phone, iOS just might have some challengers!

081111_haters_galaxys2.jpgThe Contender: Samsung Galaxy S II

081111_haters_evo3d.jpgThe Contender: HTC Evo 3D

081111_haters_photon.jpgThe Contender: Motorola PHOTON 4G

081111_haters_appletv.jpgThe Champ: Apple TV

Apple's little "hobby" actually does a pretty good job of standing up for itself, especially at the magical $99 price point. But there are others in this game too, and they stack up quite nicely.

081111_haters_boxee.jpgThe Contender: Boxee

081111_haters_roku2.jpgThe Contender: Roku 2

081111_haters_macmini.jpgThe Champ: Mac mini

This wee little computer might just be the grown man's Apple TV, but there are some fantastic PC versions that some may say do more with quite less (of a price tag).

081111_haters_zinohd.jpgThe Contender: Dell Inspiron Zino HD

081111_haters_aspirerevo.jpgThe Contender: acer Veriton N

081111_haters_xpc.jpgThe Contender:Shuttle XPC

081111_haters_imac3.jpgThe Champ: iMac

081111_haters_lseries.jpgThe Contender: Sony VAIO L Series

081111_haters_touchsmart.jpgThe Contender: HP TouchSmart

081111_haters_ideacentre.jpgThe Contender: Lenovo IdeaCentre

Other Contenders: ASUS All-in-One PC, Compaq Presario All-in-One, Toshiba All-In-One, Gateway One All-in-One, MSI All-in-One, Acer All-in-One

081111_haters_macbookpro.jpgThe Champ: MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is pure Apple power and design, all in one classy package. Apple's not the only player in the game of high-power high design laptops though, and there are some mighty fine challengers.

081111_haters_pavillion.jpgHP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series

081111_haters_fseries.jpgThe Contender: Sony VAIO F series

081111_haters_macbookair.jpgThe Champ: MacBook Air

Such beauty and grace in such a thin package, the MacBook Air's form factor deserves some serious lust. PC lovers can quit their drooling and go for one of the sleek packages available in their segment without having to go over to the dark side.

081111_haters_zseries.jpgThe Contender: Sony VAIO Z series

081111_haters_series9.jpgThe Contender: Samsung Series 9

081111_haters_macpro.jpgThe Champ: Mac Pro

Ever the creative techie's weapon of choice, the Mac Pro is a towering beast bulging with power. Fortunately for PCs, there is an almost limitless array of options. Whether you build your own PC from scratch or buy direct from most any PC maker, you can spec out your box to the nines, capable of doing battle against the Mac Pro. That being said, we'll highlight one specific beast, the Alienware line of desktop PCs, and then cede the point that yes, Apples are pretty, and PCs are (for the most part) ugly as all.

081111_haters_alienware.jpgThe Contender: Alienware

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