(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Normally we espouse the virtues and solutions of small space living from the perspective of modernists. But small space living isn't just an urban, modern era lifestyle. Backwoods Home Magazine, a publication of "practical ideas for self-reliant living", has an informative article titled The Art of Living in a Small Space that tackles small space living from a must more rustic viewpoint. Writer Claire Wolf breaks down living in smaller spaces into four key points, coping, building, gadgeting and decorating, drawing upon her own personal experience living in a 409 square feet cabin. It's an interesting departure of perspective, with lots of useful tips that transfer into any home, big or small.

Some key points she makes:

    If you can’t immediately put things away, then have a transitional junk drawer or cabinet where you stash stuff until you can file, fold, sort, or dispose of it.

    Where feasible, replace traditional walls with half-height walls, pass-throughs, or movable screens. The bigger area you can see, the less cramped you’ll feel.

    Avoid wildly patterned upholstery, bedspreads, or carpets. Muted is good.