With Mother's Day approaching (and thank goodness for design and craft blogs or I would never remember these things), I embarked on a search for works of art that celebrate motherhood in, and this is crucial, non-cheesy ways. I found a few…

...but not a lot. If you know of any great ones, please share with the class!

  • Let's kick it off with Tallcow's block print made just for all the mamitas out there. It's sold as a card, but at 7"x7", I think it would look great framed in your friend's/girlfriend's/sister's closet or bathroom, a sassy reminder that she's still the hottest thing on eight wheels.
  • I love the colors and style of Mamá Convierte Las Lágrimas en Pipas by Vireta, but can anyone out there help with the translation? I've got it all except pipas, which my Spanish dictionary defines as the pips of fruits (or a barrel, cask, or pipe). Mother transforms tears into pips? I may not understand every word, but the feel of this piece is lovely.
  • This Mama Bear woodblock print by Tugboat Printshop, and it is fierce, perfect for the toughest mother you know.
  • APAK's Motherhood illustration is so sweet- I would hang it in my kitchen. It's only a $5 notecard, but stuck in a cute frame it would make a great gift.
  • There's nothing like a hot-pink reminder of who exactly is the boss, and this Mummy Rules print by Rebecca Winter from MyDeco should do the trick.
  • Last but not least, we have three works from one of the masters of the art of motherhood, Nikki McClure. Her poster print Please is very moving to me, as my mom and grandma started teaching me to bake when I was three years old. I make pastry for a living, but remain forever humbled by my grandma's transcendent baked goods. Trust is one of a set of four Mama + Baby prints. They're all great, but I love this pregnant lady on the rocks the best- so tough. Windsock is an original papercut, a celebration of natural forces. I like that this mom appears to be a slightly-older mom- there are so many kinds of moms!
(All images as credited above.)