The Automated Home Via Windows Phone 7

The Automated Home Via Windows Phone 7

Gregory Han
Sep 29, 2011

If you're a Windows Phone user, you might recognize the name, Julien Schapmen, the developer of custom UI, TouchXperience for WP7. Check out what he's done using his HTC HD7, connecting it via 3G with a X10 home automation system (with USB-UIRT, amBX and programmable LED systems for ambient lighting, room temperature reading, and surveillance options). He dropped about €400 and his own custom programming to get this up and running...

This solution is probably out of reach for mere mortals (or budgets), but there are other options for home automation anyone can do, even using your entertainment center's universal remote: Simple Home Automation with Logitech's Harmony One.

Actually, Windows Phone 7 users with the right home automation kit can already enjoy home controls from their phones via the Grasshopper App. We downloaded the trial, but then quickly realized this isn't even an app you can demo unless you already have the Mi Casa Verde Vera Home Automation system use it with.

Of course, if money isn't an issue, there plenty of mobile device app + automation solutions out there, like the iOS compatible Gira HomeServer 3 or the SavantHome System.

Android users will probably be pleased when the option for Android @ Home is available, giving users access to home automation applications to connect with controls for your lights, stereo, TV, game system, washing machine and even an exercise bike, all from your Android-powered cell phone or mobile device.

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