The BabbaCover Infant Seat Cover

Enjoying the outdoors when you have a newborn can be quite a challenge. Worries about the bugs, the heat, the UV rays all feel amplified when it comes to a tiny baby's comfort and health. That's why we really like the idea of this product.

The BabbaCover is a baby seat cover made of extremely lightweight fabric that allows cool breezes in and keeps bugs out. The fabric even has UV protection, which is great since the American Academy of Pediatrics advises minimizing use of sunscreen on babies under 6 months of age. Entrepreneur and mother Jessica Kim of BabbaCo designed this smart piece of gear to be both functional and cute. It's made in the USA, is designed to fit all standard infant car seats, and we especially love that the window and the opening that allows you to grip the handle of your infant seat.

BabbaCover, $50 from BabbaCo