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We love the designer CFL bulbs from Hulga — we first reported on them back in 2007, when the sculptural bulbs were just a concept — and now, they've introduced a new member to their family. Meet Baby Plumen 001.

The Baby Plumen 001 offers the same energy-saving benefits of the Original Plumen 001, but comes in a more compact form to fit fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The 9-watt Baby bulb is meant to replace a 40-watt incandescent and will last around 8,000 hours. A 220-volt version is now available through Plumen's website, with a 120-volt version to come later this year for the North American market.

With a CFL this stylish, it might be hard to hide it under a shade! (The translucent pendant above is a chic way to showcase it.)

Find It: Baby Plumen 001, £18.95 at Plumen UK

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