The Beholder

The Beholder

Feb 7, 2008
The Beholder has long been one of our favorite places to browse for art. In the past they've worked much like a traditional gallery - representing a selected stable of artists and taking a commission from the pieces they sell. With the launch of their new site today, however, they're making some changes...

The biggest change is the introduction of the Beholder Marketplace - a space for artists to sell their work directly with no commission from the gallery. The Beholder hasn't gotten rid of it's represented artists, however, and the distinction is made online by tagging artists as either "Beholder Artists" or "Marketplace Artists."

They've also added a guest curator feature, where monthly artists will be curating online "shows" of work from the site, starting off with this month's curator Timothy Buckwalter. The best part about these changes is that the Beholder remains a place dedicated to making art affordable, and encouraging the purchase of original art, especially for first time buyers.

Here's a selection of current pieces available on the site:

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